Kai Updater & GMote Control Center

Showcasing two apps I worked on while working at Vicara.co Kai Updater App: A mobile app which allows Kai users to perform firmware updates. GMote Control Center: A desktop app which allows GMote users to customize their device.

Kai Updater & GMote Control Center

While working at Vicara, I got to work on some softwares for the very futuristic and cool hardware devices we were working on.  Here I'll be showcasing 2 such apps I was working on while at Vicara.

If you haven't read my blog on Kai Control Center yet, or would like some more background on Vicara and what they do, check out my other blog.

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Kai Updater App

When the user received their Kai, they had to update the firmware for the Kai and it's bluetooth dongle. The update is only possible through mobile devices due to hardware restrictions. Kai updater app was designed to allow the first time users to update the app in a easy manner

GMote Control Center

GMote (short for gesture remote) is Vicara's second commercial product. The device was my brain child and I worked on the initial market & product research for this.
The idea behind GMote was to take Vicara's existing motion tracking technology and package it in a familiar device format. This device was targeted to be used as a presentation controller with air-mouse capabilities or a AR/VR remote.

GMote Control Center is a desktop tool to allow users to customize how the buttons and gestures work in their GMote device.